With Christmas just a few days away now and the children all excited, we’d like to wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas this year! Our families are ready for the holiday and we hope yours are as well. Let’s not forget the true reason for this holiday – it’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we may get so wrapped up in the holiday baking, decorating and gift giving that we lose sight of that.

Myrtle Beach vacation rentalsIf you have last minute guests arriving and you don’t have the accommodations to house them, don’t forget about the many and varied Myrtle Beach vacation rentals we have at Condo World. Your relatives will just love an oceanfront condo with phenomenal views of the coastline. Having their breakfast on the beach on Christmas morning will provide them with some priceless memories to enjoy for years.

Myrtle Beach vacation rentalsIn a little more than a week it will be New Year’s Eve and many people are booking Myrtle Beach vacation rentals to stay in over the holiday. With so much going on the Myrtle Beach area by way of celebrations it’s best if you plan on staying in the local area to celebrate and walking to the events you’re going to, especially if you’re drinking. You can count on many events taking place for New Year’s Eve.