A brand new year is just about here and there are many people that make resolutions for the upcoming year; resolutions that will affect their behavior and are quite often related to goodness and health. Some resolutions they actually keep but many, while made with good intentions, fall by the way side within a couple months. But as the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!” — there’s always next year!

North Myrtle Beach condosPeople are getting wiser and they’re celebrating the new year smarter and smarter every year than the year before. Gone are the days when people would get plastered then get behind the wheel of a car to drive. We’re all very aware of the devastating effects such as that has on lives — our own and those of our loved ones and others.

Here are just some basic common sense things to keep in mind for your New Year’s Eve celebrations this year.

1. A celebration does not have to include alcohol.
2. When celebrations do include alcohol, please do not drive a vehicle. If you don’t have a sober designated driver, just call a cab or walk.
3. If you want to party to excess we suggest renting one of our North Myrtle Beach condos where you (and others) will be safe.
North Myrtle Beach condos4. Throw your own get together and celebrate on the beach with family and friends. You’ll be mere steps to the North Myrtle Beach condos you’re going to stay at.
5. Or start a new tradition. Find yourself the closest “First Night Celebration” and save yourself some money as well as a hangover the next day.

If you need a place to stay and want to talk to us about what we have available over the holiday, please call us at 843-272-7011. We’d be happy to set you up with inexpensive accommodations.

All of us at Condo World would like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous coming new year!