Valentine’s Day was originally a formal Saints Day that was observed by the Catholic Church for St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic causes. Valentine’s Day has remained very popular across the world and is widely celebrated by couples, those looking for love as well as children and families.

St. Valentine was a priest who performed secret marriages during the 3rd century. During this time hundreds of thousands of men were enlisted in the Roman Army under the Emperor Claudis II. These soldiers were pressured to remain unmarried as this was thought to ensure their allegiance to the army. The priest helped people to marry in secret.
The priest was subsequently imprisoned and then executed. It was said that while in prison he gave a blind girl (the jailors daughter) back her eyesight. He sent her a note that said ‘from your Valentine’. This is thought to have been the origins of one of the most popular Valentine’s Day ideas, the Valentines card.

Today, many people celebrate the holiday in what has turned into a day to show people that you like, love, or sometimes even, secretly admire them. Red roses top the list for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea, followed up with a romantic dinner either out or at home. Cards continue to be a tried and true way to share your feelings. And diamonds, of course, are always a girl’s best friend.

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