Remember the days when you would just throw a towel, book and drinks in your beach bag and head to the beach? Those days are done but going to the beach with a toddler is not impossible. After two and half years I finally have mastered what to bring with me for a successful and fun beach trip.

1. Pop-Up Baby/Toddler Beach Tent Shelter

Pop-Up Baby Beach Tent

These tents are extremely important and key to give your little one some shade and a break from the sun. Pop-up tents are easy to set up and take down so you don’t waste any time trying to set up. Austin loves to take a break and play in his mini tent and it’s a bonus if you can find one with UV protection.

2. Rash Guard/Hat/Cover-Up

Kids Hats & Cover Ups

Kids skin can be ultra sensitive and sand is the archenemy of sensitive skin. So make sure to keep as much sand off your little one by covering up. The hat is important to cover the face from the sun so it doesn’t get in your little ones eyes.

3. Spray Bottle with Fresh Water

Spray Bottle

Pick up a spray bottle from the Dollar Tree or Walmart and fill it with water to spray/mist your little one to cool down. You can refill it at the shower and rinse stations. Bonus if you can find the spray bottles with a battery operated fan connected to it to mist and cool down your little one from the hot sun!

4. Sand Toys in a Mesh Bag

Beach Toys

Austin loves to play in the sand. He can spend hours playing with a dump truck sand toy. He has endless amount of sand to dump and roll on. We also love our mini beach bucket to carry on our walks to collect shells. Super key to get a mesh bag to collect the toys in to rinse off when leaving the beach. Leave as much sand behind as you can when headed back to the room or home!

5. Sippy Cups and Juice Boxes with Straws

Cut down on sand blowing into the drinks. I have learned that sand in the mouth can cause a tantrum so limit as much sand as possible! Austin loves to drink milk and instead of worrying about milk going bad, I buy Shelf Stable Milk in mini cartons. No worries if it gets warm it’s safe to drink.

6. Baby Pool

Baby Pool at the Beach

This was genius. We bought a cheap mini baby pool from Walmart and filled in up with ocean water. Austin threw his beach toys in and played for hours. He was kept cool and it was great for us as parents to sit and relax while he was still having fun. It’s easy to fold and throw in our beach wagon. It’s an instant hit for the toddler and parent’s.

7. Jogging Stroller or Beach Wagon

Beach Stroller

I have used both and it’s been a life savior. When Austin was a baby the jogging stroller was perfect since it has big wheels to push through the sand. I attached the misting fan to it and he would take his naps in it as we walked the beach! When a fussy baby wants to sleep nothing is better than a soothing beach ride in a stroller.

Now that Austin is older he prefers to be pulled in the wagon. We bought a wagon that is easy to collapse and doesn’t take up much room in the trunk of our car. Bonus it also carries our beach toys and anything we need to bring down to the water.

8. Water-Resistant Blanket

Water-Resistant Blanket

This stays in our trunk at all times. Anytime we head to the beach for a walk, lunch picnic, or a long day we bring our blanket. Rolls up easy and has straps to carry. Once we lay it down we don’t have to constantly lift and shake off the sand! GENIUS!

9. Baby Powder

Only time I ever use baby powder is at the beach. It helps take off the sand from your arms, legs and feet. Less sand means a happy toddler and parent. This is also one of our tips for going to the beach anytime!

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen for Toddlers

No-brainer here. Try and get one water resistant and with less harmful chemicals. I prefer a spay for the body and a face stick. Always apply before you get to beach for a less fussy child and when needed!

11. Swim Diaper and Essentials

Pack just enough for the day. I always change Austin into a clean fresh diaper and shorts so he doesn’t get the car seat wet. If he falls asleep in the car I don’t need to worry about changing him and waking him up. Happy Toddler, Happy Parents.

12. Ziplock Bags

I keep Diapers, Clothes, Snacks, and cell phone in ziplock bags. It keeps the sand out and it’s water proof. After the first bucket of water was dumped on my beach bag I learned that ziplock bags would be key in my future.

13. Snacks and Water

I always carry fruit pouches and snacks in individual bags. Bring a variety and make sure to keep all snacks and water in a cooler bag. My beach bag is one big insulated cooler and I don’t worry about any snacks or water getting warm.

14. Beach Chair

Kids Beach Chair

Austin is at the age where he likes to do what we do. We bought him a mini collapsible beach chair that he has been using since he was a baby. It’s basically a beach high chair where he can eat his lunch and relax. If you can find one with an attachable cover that a bonus!

15. Beach Shoes

Beach Shoes

When Austin was a baby he loved the sand. When he was one he didn’t like the sand on his feet. He loved the mesh water shoes from Nike. He was able to run on the sand and it took his fear away! Every year it changes with little ones so be prepared.

Take Your Toddler to the Beach

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