Despite all the challenges this country’s economy has experienced not all that long ago we do seem to always bounce back and this year has been no exception to that. The year of 2013 will forever be known as the year the economy slowly turned itself around and made a come back after surviving a critical and devastating recession.

We know it’s made a come back because vacation trends are showing a distinct increase in families taking not just vacations but extended vacations. It seems people are tired of doing without and are trying to experience not only more but better.

Our own North Myrtle Beach condos have experienced a significant influx of extended stay visitors, especially through the winter months – even more so than in years past. We’ve noticed as time passes that our guests are quite a bit more interested in staying active, too. That’s a great sign.

The babyboomers are reaching retirement age and they’re changing the image of what retirement looks like. We won’t see these seniors doing as much sitting around as those in the past. Gone are the couch potato TV watchers and instead they’re running and biking the beach, doing double rounds on the golf course and trying new water sports like wind surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. They’ve turned strolling into power walks and easy bike rides into century and half century rides.

The amenities that come with many of our North Myrtle Beach condos are well suited for this active group, too. Many of the resorts have fitness facilities right on-site, Jacuzzis and hot tubs for those with sore muscles and joints, and on-site restaurants and pubs for their enjoyment. At Condo World we have such a vast assortment of Myrtle beach vacation rentals that we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for in the price range that you’re hoping for. We look forward to seeing you soon!