Get On Board In Pigeon Forge – The Titanic Museum

Sometimes there’s nothing better than going to a museum, especially on a rainy day!

To get a first-hand experience of what it might have been like to experience the grandeur and tragedy of one of the most legendary ocean liners ever built, visit the Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge. Known as one of the greatest maritime disasters in our country’s history, the Titanic and its museums are world-renowned.

The Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge is one of the best places in the country to view exact recreations and replicas of the ship. Grand staircases, luxury suites, secret dining rooms and more!

As one of the best Pigeon Forge museums, history buffs won’t be disappointed. It attracts over 5 million visitors every year and it’s recognized by the Titanic Historical Society (TMA) for its authenticity. Containing the largest display of artifacts from the Titanic, it’s a must-see when visiting the area.

Set aside at least 2-3 hours to tour the museum. The audio tour is excellent and full of information that any Titanic enthusiast will enjoy and it’s go at your own pace. You and your children can feel how cold the water was and the staff is wonderful at answering all questions or just letting you in on fascinating facts.

The Titanic Museum

Events & More

One of the most impressive displays is one of museums’ newest. An Icelandic tween built the World’s Largest Titanic model using 56,000 lego bricks. Taking nearly a year to complete the “Lego Boy,” Brynjar Karl dreamed of doing this and did it, with the help of his grandfather. Built in a Lego Wholesaler’s warehouse in Iceland, it was transported to the Titanic Museum for its debut. It has been exhibited in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Oslo, Hamburg and then Pigeon Forge. The young boy has spoken at TED Talks because of his tenacity and his ability, despite his autism, to realize a dream. Don’t miss this 26 foot long Titanic replica, at the museum throughout the 2018 season.

The museum now sponsors “Families with Autism” events, an educational setting where those individuals can be introduced to the museum with appropriate lighting, with special attention paid to sensitivity issues. Special days and hours are set aside for these families.

The museum also has numerous educational classes for children and adults; science, arts, trivia and other classes whereby individuals can have interactive experiences including scavenger hunts, viewing actual brochures from the Titanic and newspapers from that era, how morse code was used and the experience of boarding a lifeboat.

Throughout the year, different exhibits are displayed such as “The Amazing Women of the Titanic.” You’ll see the largest collections of “high-society” fashions anywhere, some of which are over 100 years old. Also included are pieces from the Fashion Institute of Merchandising in Los Angeles and The Fashion History Museum from Ontario. View the fashions of 19 different women who were on board the Titanic and who were also known for their verve, not only in fashion but for their groundbreaking accomplishments in women’s issues. This collection is at the museum through November of 2018.

Special Celebrations on the Titanic

During the fall and winter seasons of 2018, the museum has their Thanksgiving Fireworks celebrations where comic book superheroes come to life during a parade. There’s free parking and the parade is free! Open from 9 am to 10 pm for this event.

The Titanic Museum

Christmas at the Titanic is spectacular. Beginning in November and ending the last day of December, the ship is decorated to its full Christmas glory!

Want to get married on the ship? Have a birthday party? How about a sleepover? It’s all possible.

The museum also gives complimentary entrance tickets to our veterans, active military, first responders and teachers during certain months throughout the year.

Stop by the Titanic Museum shop to pick up some gifts and memorabilia!

Once you and your family get on board, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, from the grand staircase to the exquisite architectural details of the replicas to some of the guides in period dress, the Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge is sure to be a favorite family memory. Visit the Titanic Museum website for more information.

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