Shopping, dining, music, amusement attractions, and much more – Broadway at the Beach has been a favorite for locals and visitors in the Myrtle Beach resorts and condos area for more than two decades! Over the last few months, rumors have surfaced pertaining to some changes coming to this Myrtle Beach hot spot. Let’s break down Broadway’s current transformations this fall, as well as potential future plans that will help maintain Broadway’s presence as a top destination during your Myrtle Beach Vacation!

Establishments already closed: Some Myrtle Beach landmarks are calling it quits after decades of serving the Grand Strand! After 19 years of operation, Planet Hollywood closed its doors this fall. Deconstruction has already commenced on the location, as the globe-like structure is being stripped down. What will be built in Planet Hollywood’s place is still unknown.

MagiQuest, a family-friendly interactive attraction, has also halted its operations this fall after nearly 10 years of business. Confirmation has been made that another attraction will take its place, but it is unknown what that attraction will be.

Celebrity Square couldn’t avoid the changes in the Broadway area either, as two clubs shut their doors this month: Carlos ‘n Charlie’s and Revolutions. Revolutions has been a staple to the Broadway nightlife scene since 1996, providing classic music from the 70s, 80s, as well as contemporary tunes. Reasons for closure and future site plans are still unknown. Carlos ‘n Charlie’s is having its location reclaimed by Burroughs & Chapin after 5 short years at Broadway. Future plans for the popular location have yet to be revealed.

Future Predictions for Broadway at the Beach: A lot of hearsay and rumors about the future changes to Broadway have been getting locals and visitors talking. Here are some predictions to the area that we think have some substance:

Restaurant with gourmet foods and craft beers: We don’t know the location, or the name, but we do believe a restaurant is coming with a full range of craft beers and gourmet foods to serve to an upper echelon crowd.

Paula Deen Restaurant: With the success of her retail location in Broadway, it only makes sense that Paula Deen would open a venture in her area of expertise – FOOD! Expect a Paula Deen Restaurant to be added near her retail store.

Hard Rock Cafe + Broadway Louie’s = Dave and Buster’s?!: Confused yet? Plain and simple – Broadway Louie’s is going to move a few doors down, allowing Hard Rock Cafe to take its place. Dave and Buster’s is going to occupy the Pyramid, becoming a new cornerstone to Broadway’s dining/entertainment scene.

Clear as mud right? The main point is that Broadway at the Beach is taking on a great transformation! Already the home for the best theater shows in Myrtle Beach, look forward to even more new pizzazz to your favorite attractions during your next Myrtle Beach Vacation or North Myrtle Beach Resort Vacation!